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Conversion Tracking

Distimo Conversion Tracking makes it easy for app developers to measure which of their marketing efforts and campaigns yield the best results, and are most effective in terms of revenue and app installs.

Benefits you will enjoy

Get insights into campaign effectiveness.

Use a single cross-platform link to direct consumers to the right app store.

Measure the conversion from app promotion to install.

Track the lifetime value of users per campaign.

Conversion from app promotion to install

Can't measure the app install rate from your app promotions? While there are many ways to promote your apps: from social networks, advertising, in-app advertising and your own website it is still hard to find the right mix and calculate the most effective channels and campaigns.

With Conversion Tracking you no longer have to guess. Install the Distimo SDK into your app to track conversions and use our unique cross-platform link to start promoting them. Each app install is tracked and recorded in real time, providing the insight you need to optimize your app promotion efforts.

Lifetime value of users per campaign

Using Conversion Tracking, you can track the origin of your revenue and measure the user revenue. Easily slice and dice by app, country and even individual marketing campaign to find the right mix of your app promotions

Conversion Tracking is seamlessly integrated in App Analytics, which tracks all your apps and their generated revenues from all app stores and major ad networks every day. Distimo provides in-depth revenue measurement to improve your marketing efforts.


We’ve been using Distimo App Analytics for a long while now to track our app store revenues. We were impressed with how easy it was to set up conversion tracking and to integrate the SDK into our apps. It has proven to be extremely useful to get insight into the results of our marketing campaigns.
Brad Powers - Chairman and Executive Producer

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Campaign effectiveness

Running several promotional campaigns for your apps and lost track on their success? Conversion tracking gives developers the ability to measure and compare the performance of different marketing campaigns in terms of app install and revenues.

Campaign performance metrics are integrated into Distimo's App Analytics, meaning that you can analyze your app's promotional campaigns in the same highly interactive, visual manner that our users know and love.

SDK Support

The Distimo SDK is small, lightweight, and doesn't affect the performance of your apps.

Current supported platforms

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