Windows Phone Leaderboards Now Show Rankings By WP7 And WP8 Device

A month ago we introduced you to our App Leaderboards, supporting ten stores and enabling you to view the daily top 400 highest ranked apps, broken down by store, country, category and rank type. Some stores have different ranks per device, including Windows Phone Store. Therefore two devices have been added to these leaderboards; Windows […]

Distimo Releases Full Year 2011 Publication

It is our pleasure to release our latest Distimo Publication. This report will give an overview of the most important developments in the mobile app stores in 2011. How did the store sizes develop over the last year? Which store generates most revenue nowadays? What are the most downloaded apps of 2011? These questions will be […]

Global Differences In Content Distribution

It is our pleasure to release our latest Distimo Publication. This month’s publication focuses on the global differences in mobile app stores including content localization (local apps that are only published in one country) and differentiated user preferences around the world. In this publication, the importance of localized content will be analyzed across the major mobile […]

Windows Phone 7 Marketplace To Launch Early October

Microsoft has recently issued an update on its planned Windows Phone 7 launch timing, including the final Windows Phone Developer Tools availability on September 16th. The final release of the Developer Tools will include some minor breaking changes compared to the beta tools that are already available. This means that developers may be faced with […]

Distimo Publishes Latest Report: May 2010

It is our pleasure to release our latest Distimo Report. This report covers the Apple App Store, BlackBerry App World, Google Android Market, Nokia Ovi Store, Palm App Catalog and Windows Marketplace for Mobile for April 2010, with additional focus on iPhone applications in the Apple App Store during the period November 2009 – April […]

Distimo Report – December 2009

It is our pleasure to release our monthly Distimo Report, based on December 2009 data. This report covers five application stores: Apple App Store, BlackBerry App World, Google Android Market, Nokia Ovi Store and Windows Marketplace for Mobile. This month’s most important findings are: In Google Android Market, 65% of the publishers are located in […]

Windows Marketplace Available For Older Phones

There are several announcements around Windows Marketplace for Mobile these weeks. Last week, Microsoft launched a Web Version of its store, allowing users to discover apps from the desktop. Following the announcements that Marketplace would support older phones, the store is now available for Windows Mobile 6.0 and 6.1 phones. Consumers that do not have […]

Windows Marketplace launching next week, but not for current phones

The launch of Windows Marketplace is getting close. On October 6, the new Windows Mobile 6.5 with Marketplace will go to market. Marketplace is said to launch in 29 countries with minimal 600 available applications. Microsoft states that the reach of Marketplace will be 30 million consumers worldwide. This is however including current Windows Mobile […]