Fitbit Leads Companion Apps for Fitness Trackers Competition

The U.S. is on a fitness kick.

Devices designed for tracking your physical output are sprouting everywhere. Devices that fit on your wrist, in your pocket and even on your ankle. There’s a bevy of new and existing companies that have released fitness trackers, including Fitbit, Jawbone, Nike, Garmin, Withings, Polar, Basis, Fitbug, and Bowflex — the list of goes on.

These new fitness-tracking devices, along with their companion apps, are simple, dedicated pedometers on steroids.

Fitbit app iconInstead of only tracking each step you take, which is the exclusive function of a pedometer, these fitness trackers record your steps taken, calories burned, stairs climbed and even sleeping patterns.

To incentive you to keep moving, these fitness trackers added “gamification” elements such as leaderboards for different fitness metrics and the ability to message your friends with either words of encouragement to keep going or taunts to remind them who’s walked more steps or climbed more stairs.

The companion apps for these fitness trackers allow you to view all your fitness data and your friends’ data from essentially anywhere.

To find out which companion app was No. 1, we compared the U.S. downloads amounts among a handful of the top companion apps for fitness trackers on the Apple App Store and Google Play. Continue reading

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Distimo Participates in AppLift’s Mobile Games Market 2014 Outlook Webinar

For those of you that missed it, Distimo joined forces with AppLift for their webinar series on February 19, to offer our expertise on: “The Mobile Games Market Outlook: What’s in Store for 2014?”. Our own Data Analyst Tiuri van Agten joined Newzoo CEO Peter Warman and Wooga COO Jan Miczaika on the webinar, which was moderated by AppLift’s Thomas Sommer.

Each panelist brought their important mobile games market discoveries to the table for the webinar, discussing market, platform, and regional trends witnessed in 2013. Some discoveries van Agten brought to the table included the success for some paid apps on the Amazon Appstore, the high year-over-year total revenue growth for some countries in Asia and South America, the effects of localizing a game in a certain country, and more. Continue reading

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Distimo CEO on Mobile World Live Plus March Events SXSW, GDC and GMGC

We had a great time at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last week. We’d like to thank everyone who took the time to visit us at our booth. We also hope you caught our CEO Vincent Hoogsteder on Mobile World Live for the “Local apps: challenges and best ways to succeed with them” panel.Vincent Hoogsteder Mobile World Live

To follow up on our tour around the world in February, we’re heading to South by Southwest (SXSW), Game Developers Conference (GDC), Monetizing Mobile conference, and Global Mobile Game Congress (GMGC), this month.

First, you can meet us at the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas, from March 7 to March 9 (booth 544). On March 10, our own Kieran Barr will participate in the “Wearables: The New Marketers’ Challenge” panel (details below), discussing the opportunities for marketers to engage and reach a new segment of consumers. Continue reading

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Distimo App Update: Leaderboards Updates, Review Translations and More

Distimo app version 1.7 has arrived on the Apple App Store! We’ve added another batch of useful features!

To refresh your memory, the Distimo app allows Distimo App Analytics users to track downloads, revenues, ratings, reviews, and rankings, for their apps. Additionally, users with an AppIQ account can also compare their downloads and revenue data versus data from any competitor. You can also search the top free, paid, and grossing apps, in any category globally for ten major app stores. With that out of the way, let’s get to the new features!

Top Performing Apps and Publishers in the Leaderboards

In version 1.7 you can now see the top three countries for any app in the leaderboards. Simply tap an app on the AppIQ leaderboard, and it will expand to show the top countries where that app is performing best, based on the selected rank: free, paid, or grossing.

For publisher leaderboards, selecting a publisher on the AppIQ leaderboards will showcase their 10 most successful apps based on the selected rank.

Leaderboards top countries

Already an AppIQ user? That means you will also see revenue and download amounts for the countries or apps that are a part of your AppIQ subscription. Also, instead of the top three countries or apps, you’ll get to see 10! Continue reading

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Messaging App Telegram Watches Downloads Boost After WhatsApp Acquisition

Telegram app iconFacebook took the app world by storm on February 19 when it acquired messaging app WhatsApp for $19 billion. In the wake of WhatsApp’s acquisition, messaging apps, such as Telegram and others, reaped large download figures, as our AppIQ data estimates showed.

From Nikolai and Pavel Durov, the makers of Russian Facebook competitor VKontakte (VK), Telegram is an open source, security-minded messaging app for iOS and Android. Prior to the WhatsApp news, Telegram (free) was a relatively unknown app around the world. On February 15, a few days before Facebook announced the acquisition of WhatsApp, Telegram saw the most downloads on the Apple App Store in Spain, Saudi Arabia, the U.S., Mexico and India.

A few days after Facebook acquired WhatsApp, a different group of countries were the top five countries for Telegram. The most downloads on February 22 for Telegram on the Apple App Store came from the U.S., Germany, the Netherlands, Mexico and Italy. Most of the countries that displayed download surges were countries which are early adopters of apps. Spain, which was the No. 1 country before the WhatsApp acquisition, was No. 6 after the acquisition. People in Spain opted to not flee WhatsApp, Line, and other top messaging apps in the country, for Telegram. Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day 2014: Tinder, eHarmony Led the Way Among Top Dating Apps

Tinder eHarmony 2In search of love on Valentine’s Day, many singles in the U.S. turned to mobile dating apps. This year was no exception, as downloads grew day-over-day on Valentine’s Day in the U.S. for some top dating apps like Tinder and eHarmony.

Distimo AppIQ data illustrated that downloads on Valentine’s Day (February 14) in the U.S. for Tinder increased day-over-day by 60 percent on the Apple App Store. eHarmony saw downloads in the U.S. boost day-over-day by 110 percent on the Apple App Store.

Tinder eHarmony download trendHowever, other top dating apps on the Apple App Store such as PlentyofFish, OkCupid and Zoosk didn’t experience the same augment in downloads on Valentine’s Day in the U.S.

Beyond Valentine’s Day, we collected January Apple App Store and Google Play downloads data in the U.S. for the aforementioned top dating apps — Tinder, eHarmony, PlentyofFish, OkCupid and Zoosk — to explore the market share among those apps. Continue reading

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Facebook Acquires WhatsApp – the Download Figures behind it

Facebook’s acquisition of the almost 5 year old messaging app WhatsApp Messenger, for $19 billion, has been covered worldwide in the news over the past 24 hours.
After Snapchat spurned the $3 billion acquisition offer from Facebook in November 2013, Facebook now found in WhatsApp a different option to boost its presence in the mobile app messaging market.
We took a look at the estimated download volumes from Distimo AppIQ, comparing the WhatsApp Messenger app with the Facebook Messenger over the year 2013 and share the findings below:
Continue reading

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Publication: How the Most Successful Apps Monetize Globally

Analyzing top apps globally sheds light on how these apps generate revenue and make a profit. In this publication we revisit a topic we investigated nearly a year ago in our March 2013 publication, looking at more than just revenue and downloads. We studied mobile app revenues in relation to download volumes and will now show new developments and identify more recent global trends. This publication includes a synthesis of the revenue share from in-app purchases (IAP) over time and average revenue per download (ARPD) breakdowns for top apps by country, business models, and device type.
For part of this analysis, we joined forces with Chartboost – which is also supported in Distimo App Analytics now.
We will compare ARPD values with average cost per install (CPI) data from Chartboost, to provide an indication on revenue potential for mobile games in different markets.

All data used in this publication is directly extracted from Distimo AppIQ. The analyses in this publication mainly focus on data for the Apple App Store, covering January 2012 through January 2014, unless otherwise noted.

Revenue Share by Business Model

Following up on our 2013 Year in Review publication, we show a more detailed perspective on the development of the revenue shares from the freemium model. The full report also includes a business model breakdown by country for the top 10 revenue generating countries. Free apps with in-app purchases (IAP) generated the most revenue in the app stores, and the revenue share is steadily increasing: IAP_on_the_rise As seen on the graph, the revenue share from free apps with IAP drops in the December months, when we typically see a revenue spike. This implies that paid apps are more likely to be purchased in the month of December. In January 2014, the revenue share of free apps with IAP was at 79 percent in the United States.

Average Revenue per Download vs. Average Cost per Install

For part of this analysis, we joined forces with Chartboost, the largest games-only development platform that enables the promotion and monetization of mobile games. We present some of their data on the average cost per install (CPI), to complement our analysis of average revenues per download with a focus on mobile games. This type of analysis provides a detailed overview of the profitability and revenue potential in different mobile app markets in the gaming sector. ARPD vs CPI Chartboost releases a global CPI heat map for iOS, Android, and other platforms, on a monthly basis. Comparing the ARPD with the average CPI data on iOS for Q4 2013, the five markets that show the most revenue potential were Japan, Australia, South Korea, United Kingdom, and the United States. Japan promises the largest revenue potential: analyzing this sample, an ARPD of $6.34 is possible. With an average CPI of $1.86, this results in a potential profit of $4.48 per download.

There is more….

If you want to know more details ARPD from different perspectives, see how ARPD values can fluctuate for one app among different countries, and even more facts and figures around this topic, download our free publication:
How the Most Successful Apps Monetize Globally.



Join us for our free webinar, where we will look at more ARPD related data points and answer your questions. We will also show the opportunities of Distimo AppIQ in a live demo. Register for our webinar on Thursday, March 6th 2014 at 6 PM (CET)/ 9 AM (PST). If you are in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress next week, make sure to come by at our booth: G69 in App Planet Hall 8.1 and meet us in person.

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King’s Farm Heroes Saga Outpaces Papa Pear Saga, Pet Rescue Saga

Farm Heroes Saga app iconKing’s latest Saga series game Farm Heroes Saga is off to a fast start on mobile, outpacing the two Saga series games King released in 2013 — Pet Rescue Saga and Papa Pear Saga. With hit game Candy Crush Saga creator King recently filing its initial IPO papers with the SEC, we wanted to analyze data from King’s three other recent Saga series games — Farm Heroes Saga, Papa Pear Saga and Pet Rescue Saga.

From Farm Heroes Saga’s global launch on January 2 to January 31, the farm-themed puzzle game generated in excess of three times more total global revenue on iOS than Pet Rescue Saga and Papa Pear Saga made in the first 30 days of global availability (see below), according to data from app market intelligence tool AppIQ.

Farm Heroes Saga revenue

Continue reading

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VisionMobile Releases Latest Developer Economics: State of the Developer Nation Report

VisionMobile logoOur friends at VisionMobile recently published their latest Developer Economics: State of the Developer Nation — a report packed with the latest trends in app development. The data in this report was collected from a survey of more than 7,000 developers, which was conducted by the research firm.

The State of the Developer Nation report contains data and insights on the major mobile platforms — Android, BlackBerry 10, HTML5, iOS, Windows Phone and Windows 8 — comparing each platform across crucial metrics, such as “developer mindshare”, revenue opportunities, prioritization across regions, adoption criteria, use of third-party tools, and most popular app revenue models.

Mobile Developer Mindshare Q1 2014 Continue reading

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