Custom Landing Page for Distimo Conversion Tracking

Distimo has added a new feature to its Conversion Tracking solution: it is now possible to specify a custom landing page for desktop and tablets users and/or users with unsupported mobile devices. Users visiting your AppLink will be immediately redirected to this custom landing page if they fall in one of those two categories, instead […]

Distimo Conversion Tracking now supports Windows Store

To expand our cross-platform abilities even further we’ve added Windows Store support to Distimo AppLink. This means you can now combine your apps from nine different stores into one AppLink! AppLink of AboutOne Family Organizer. Supporting iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Windows and Windows RT. About Distimo AppLink Distimo AppLink is our cross-platform app distribution and […]

Windows Phone Leaderboards Now Show Rankings By WP7 And WP8 Device

A month ago we introduced you to our App Leaderboards, supporting ten stores and enabling you to view the daily top 400 highest ranked apps, broken down by store, country, category and rank type. Some stores have different ranks per device, including Windows Phone Store. Therefore two devices have been added to these leaderboards; Windows […]

Publication: Discover The Windows Store

Windows 8 was released for general availability to the public about a month ago. With the launch of Windows 8, the Windows Store now enables customers to easily download and update software on the system. We believe the Windows Store will become an important channel in digital software distribution, which is why we already support this app store. […]

Distimo App Analytics Adds Support for Windows Store

We just released a new version of Distimo App Analytics, the leading app analytics tool for app developers and publishers. Our latest release has two major updates that we want to share with you. Windows Store! We are excited to let you know that we have added our 10th store: Distimo App Analytics now supports Windows […]

Windows App Store On Its Way?

Microsoft is said to be working on an app store for the upcoming Windows 8. Now some early screenshots became available with early designs, though the sources indicated that they have not yet been able to confirm their authenticity. While not confirmed by Microsoft, it would be a very logical step to integrate an app […]