Bringing Back The Carrier Portal? Vodafone Launches Android Market Channel.

Last April we reported that Google was adding support for manufactures and carriers to have their own section of promoted applications within the Android Market. Sony Ericsson was the first player to offer such a channel and now Vodafone is following as well. An interesting move, considering the fact that Vodafone already offers an own app store […]

Vodafone 360 App Store Starts Accepting Android Apps

Today at Mobile2.0 in Barcelona, Vodafone spoke about the Vodafone 360 App Store. Only two days ago, Vodafone announced that the Vodafone 360 services would be extended to Android devices. According to Vodafone, the launch of the Vodafone 360 shop for Android highlights Vodafone’s commitment to bringing the 360 Shop to popular, market-leading handsets. By […]

Vodafone 360 goes paid

Vodafone’s 360 app store was launched last September and offers a collection of mobile widgets to Vodafone subscribers in eight countries. Initially, developers could only offer free applications. Now Vodafone announced the support to publishing paid apps on the 360 platform. Developers can publish paid  apps in one or more of the eight supported European countries. Application […]

Vodafone India Appstore Publicly Launched

About a month ago we reported on the launch of two domestic appstores in India. As it appears now, Vodafone India already launched their app store on February 15, but only revealed its existence after they crossed the 10,000 downloads figure. The new app store offers around 800 apps, which are both local and international. Only 15% of the […]

Vodafone Announces Availability Of 7,000 Apps

Vodafone 360 was launched in September 2009, which contained about 1,000 applications at the time. Now Vodafone announced that their store currently contains over 7,000 applications across the eight European countries it is currently available in: Germany Greece Ireland Italy Netherlands Portugal Spain United Kingdom Additionally Vodafone expects that by March 2010, more than two […]

Vodafone 360 Application Shop – Adult Content On The Way

On October 29, Vodafone launched its new 360 service, which also includes an app store. 360 launched in Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and the UK and will be followed by launches in a number of other countries in 2010, including India, Turkey, South Africa, New Zealand, Romania and France. Right now, the […]

Recap of this week’s app store news

The Palm App Catalog gets support for paid applications, with 70% developer revenue share and billing via credit card. The Distimo Report August 2009 is available, covering the Apple App Store and Android Market in the US and UK. After four months, the Nokia Ovi Store now has over 3,000 available content items, of which […]

Vodafone 360 going for mobile widgets

Yesterday, Vodafone announced its new suite of internet services called 360. Part of 360 is an app store. Not too many details are announced on the supported content and platforms, but it’s clear that mobile widgets will be in the store. Vodafone just announced a competition, called App Star, for developers to build the best […]