Distimo Webinar: Unveiling the Secrets behind App Store Category Dynamics

On Thursday, April 3rd 2014, we hosted a webinar, following up on our latest publication: Unveiling the Secrets behind App Store Category Dynamics. In addition to what was covered in the publication, we also showed some of the most successful apps behind the development of various categories in February 2014. It was interesting to note [...]

Publication: Unveiling the Secrets behind App Store Category Dynamics

Which category is most popular with publishers? How many newcomer apps make it to the top in a month? Could the category dynamics over time have a say in your app achieving higher positions in the app store rankings? This month we investigate the evolution of app categories over time as it is a topic [...]

Publication: How the Most Successful Apps Monetize Globally

Analyzing top apps globally sheds light on how these apps generate revenue and make a profit. In this publication we revisit a topic we investigated nearly a year ago in our March 2013 publication, looking at more than just revenue and downloads. We studied mobile app revenues in relation to download volumes and will now [...]

Publication: Asia: The Leading App Market in the World

This month’s publication investigates the Asian continent and its countries. Our data showed that Asian countries are significant players in the app market. As we reported in our December 2013 publication, Japan and South Korea are among the top three countries (the U.S. is No. 1) in terms of mobile app revenue. To get a [...]

Distimo’s 2013 Year in Review Publication Translated in Japanese and Korean

You asked, and we’ve delivered.  To close the year out with a bang, the 2013 Year in Review publication is available in English, Japanese and Korean! Each month Distimo releases a free report on a unique topic dealing with the mobile and app eco-system. Each report is packed with the most up-to-date insights on the rapidly changing mobile [...]

Publication: 2013 Year in Review

2013 was a big year for mobile. At the end of the year, Distimo takes a look back at the developments that mattered most in the mobile app stores during 2013. How did the app stores develop over the last year? Which markets generated the most revenue and how much are these markets growing? Which [...]

Publication: Global Brands in the Mobile Landscape

We proudly present this month’s publication covering the top global brands in the app stores. Interbrand, a leading global brand consultancy, recently released the 2013 edition of its Best Global Brands report. We sourced this report and used all downloads and revenue data for apps from Distimo AppIQ, which provides developers with the most accurate [...]

Publication: Games, King of the Mobile Eco-system

We proudly present this month’s publication covering the Games category. We analyze the popularity of this category compared to other categories in terms of downloads and revenue. Additionally, we look at the popularity of games among app stores and countries in relation to revenue. Finally, we offer insights on the most important game genres. All [...]

Distimo & MEF collaborate on global app trends report

Distimo recently presented some of their data as part of a speaker panel at the Broadband World Forum in Amsterdam in cooperation with MEF. Established in 2000, MEF represents the total mobile ecosystem providing an impartial and powerful voice for pioneering companies from across the mobile content and commerce value chain. Distimo shared some current [...]