Publication: Google Play’s New Game Genres

Google Play recently expanded the game genres to cover a broader variety of games. Along with this update some previously existing genres Arcade & Action, Brain & Puzzle, and Cards & Casino were ‘discontinued’, as new and additional more confined genres were introduced, e.g. Card only. This month we took a detailed look at the […]

Family Guy: The Quest for the Top Ranks on the App Stores

Fox’s popular animated series Family Guy made its small screen debut last month (first seen April 8) on mobile handsets and tablets worldwide in Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff. From the San Francisco-based game maker TinyCo, Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff (free) is a city-builder in the same vein as hit game The Simpsons: […]

Kik Messenger Remains a Contender in Messaging App Space

It’s been a wild year so far in the global mobile messaging app space. With many more months left in 2014, the dust has yet to settle on the messaging app battlefield. Major messaging app players have been acquired, funded or added a significant amount of new features in 2014. In February, Japanese Internet giant Rakuten […]

Top Global Apps April 2014

April is the first month of Q2 2014 and we were excited to take a look at the app stores, curious to find out if there were any significant changes after the mostly stable global performance during Q1 2014. In this blog post we highlight the leading free, paid, and grossing apps for the Apple […]

Microsoft vs. Google: Battle of the Productivity Apps

Google last week unbundled features from its Google Drive app into two new standalone apps for the Apple App Store and Google Play — Google Docs and Google Sheets (Slides coming soon). The word processor app Docs and spreadsheet app Sheets allow you to both create and edit documents. Also, both apps allow you to store […]

Snapchat vs. Facebook Messenger on a Global Scale

Snapchat yesterday updated its iOS and Android apps, adding ephemeral text chat and video calling features. The new version of Snapchat harmoniously blends photos, texts and videos that feel immediate and disappear after they’ve been viewed. The aptly named “Chat” feature in the new Snapchat allows you to text your friends, and once you leave the conversation, the […]

Zynga Incubates New Words With Friends in Soft-Launch

Zynga is full speed ahead with its plans to revamp select franchises on mobile. Zynga already delivered on one of the three games it planned to launch in the coming months, releasing FarmVille 2: Country Escape on April 17 globally on the Apple App Store and Google Play. So far, FarmVille 2 is performing well. Another […]

Zynga’s New FarmVille 2: Country Escape Performs Well in First Few Days of Availability

Zynga delivered on its promise to bring its FarmVille franchise to mobile, launching FarmVille 2: Country Escape worldwide on the Apple App Store and Google Play on April 17. FarmVille 2: Country Escape, a farming simulation game, performed well in its first few days of global availability. On April 23, FarmVille 2 was the No. […]

Publication: The Impact of Being Featured in an App Store

Being featured is one way to stand out from the crowd in the major app stores. Developers, publishers, marketers and decision makers struggle with the question which app will be picked by app store teams to be featured and what the effect will be on downloads and revenue. To shed some light on this matter, this month’s […]