Publication: Google Play’s New Game Genres

Google Play recently expanded the game genres to cover a broader variety of games. Along with this update some previously existing genres Arcade & Action, Brain & Puzzle, and Cards & Casino were ‘discontinued’, as new and additional more confined genres were introduced, e.g. Card only. This month we took a detailed look at the […]

Kik Messenger Remains a Contender in Messaging App Space

It’s been a wild year so far in the global mobile messaging app space. With many more months left in 2014, the dust has yet to settle on the messaging app battlefield. Major messaging app players have been acquired, funded or added a significant amount of new features in 2014. In February, Japanese Internet giant Rakuten […]

Japanese Translation for Boom Beach Grew Downloads by 17X, Revenue by 4X in Japan

After months of occupying the shores of Canada in soft-launch, Supercell loaded Boom Beach into a landing craft, and deployed the strategy game on the Apple App Store all across the world on March 27. While Boom Beach (free) was in soft-launch in Canada and Australia, the strategy title was a chronic app on the top […]

Taking a Peek at the Amazon Appstore

The Kentucky Derby concluded last Saturday, but there’s another horse race that’s taking center stage. That race is among three mobile app stores — the Apple App Store, Google Play and the Amazon Appstore. Get your floppy hat ready because there’s currently no end in sight to this race among these three mobile app stores. Since the Apple App […]

Zynga Incubates New Words With Friends in Soft-Launch

Zynga is full speed ahead with its plans to revamp select franchises on mobile. Zynga already delivered on one of the three games it planned to launch in the coming months, releasing FarmVille 2: Country Escape on April 17 globally on the Apple App Store and Google Play. So far, FarmVille 2 is performing well. Another […]

Publication: The Impact of Being Featured in an App Store

Being featured is one way to stand out from the crowd in the major app stores. Developers, publishers, marketers and decision makers struggle with the question which app will be picked by app store teams to be featured and what the effect will be on downloads and revenue. To shed some light on this matter, this month’s […]

The Data Behind Amazon’s Newly Acquired Platform – Comixology

The world’s largest bookseller Amazon expanded its digital media offering when it acquired digital comics platform Comixology on April 10 for an undisclosed sum of money. Comixology is an online comic book and graphic novel seller that offers over 50,000 digital versions of comics and graphic novels from Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Dark Horse Comics […]

Distimo Tracks Launch Amazon Fire TV Apps From the Amazon Appstore

Amazon entered the streaming media player thunderdome with the unveiling of Amazon Fire TV on April 2. Amazon is now in a battle royal versus existing streaming media device contenders, including Roku, Apple TV and Google Chromecast. Amazon’s Fire TV is a set-top box ($99) that features a wide-variety of streaming content, including movies, TV shows, […]

Microsoft Unveils Word, Excel and PowerPoint for iPad, Engulfs iPad Global Charts

iPad users rejoiced afters years of no Microsoft Office app support for Apple’s tablet. Microsoft unveiled Office for Apple’s iPad on March 27 in the form of three separate apps — Microsoft Word for iPad, Microsoft Excel for iPad and Microsoft PowerPoint for iPad. From March 28 to April 10, the suite of Microsoft Office apps […]