Apple App Store Will Hit 25th Billon Download Within Next Three Days!

About two weeks ago, Apple announced that the 25th billion download from the Apple App Store will soon be hit. Since this announcement, Apple has put a counter online, which shows the total downloads from the App Store up to the moment the 25th billion download will be hit. Right now, a little over 100 […]

Changing App Search On The Desktop

Yesterday I noticed something strange in my own behavior to get an app on the desktop. I wanted to download a video app for the Mac, went into Google, searched, and downloaded one. After firing up the app, I started to wonder what comparable stuff would be in the Mac App Store. Then it occurred to me that I […]

App Store Rewind 2011, is Your App Listed?

Last Friday Apple released its App Store Rewind for 2011, where the most downloaded content of this year is highlighted. Next to music, movies and TV shows, Rewind 2011 covers Apple App Store for iPhone, Apple App Store for iPad and Mac App Store. Some noteworthy findings It’s interesting to see that 77 of the 100 apps in […]

Global Differences In Content Distribution

It is our pleasure to release our latest Distimo Publication. This month’s publication focuses on the global differences in mobile app stores including content localization (local apps that are only published in one country) and differentiated user preferences around the world. In this publication, the importance of localized content will be analyzed across the major mobile […]

Distimo Monitor Introduces New App Store Benchmarking Tools

Distimo Monitor, our free app store analytics tool for app developers, now has some very cool new features aimed at helping developers to monetize and broaden their geographic reach: Press Release This new Monitor release is featured in our official press release and press kit. The press kit also contains the infographic above. Supported Stores Currently, Distimo Monitor supports the […]

Mobile Gaming Trends: Popularity, Pricing and Monetization

It is our pleasure to release our latest Distimo Publication. This publication covers the Apple App Store for iPad, Apple App Store for iPhone, Apple Mac App Store, BlackBerry App World, GetJar, Google Android Market, Nokia Ovi Store, Palm App Catalog, and Windows Phone 7 Marketplace in the United States in June 2011. The major findings […]

Apple App Store Expands To 33 New Countries

Last weekend Apple announced the expansion of the App Store for iPhone, iPad and Mac to 33 new territories.  Several new countries in Africa (Tanzania, Ghana), the Middle East (Yemen, Oman) and even Europe (Iceland, Cyprus) were added. In South America most of the new countries were added.  Users in, among others, Belize, Bermuda, Bolivia, […]

Distimo Monitor Introduces Daily Dashboard and Windows Phone 7 Reviews

Distimo Monitor, our app store analytics tool for app developers, is now improved with a new user interface, a daily dashboard and Windows Phone 7 reviews. A Dashboard That Gives You Your Daily Dose The previous (and still available) dashboard was way too static as the data did not change much over time. The new dashboard is […]