Microsoft Unveils Word, Excel and PowerPoint for iPad, Engulfs iPad Global Charts

iPad users rejoiced afters years of no Microsoft Office app support for Apple’s tablet. Microsoft unveiled Office for Apple’s iPad on March 27 in the form of three separate apps — Microsoft Word for iPad, Microsoft Excel for iPad and Microsoft PowerPoint for iPad. From March 28 to April 10, the suite of Microsoft Office apps [...]

Dropbox Launches Mailbox for Android, New Photo Sharing App Carousel

File hosting service Dropbox expanded its mobile app portfolio yesterday, announcing Mailbox for Android and Carousel, a new photo and video archive and sharing service. Email app Mailbox (free), which originally launched on iPhone in February 2013, made its way to Google Play yesterday. The Android version works much in the same way as its iOS [...]

Social Casino Gaming Report Part 3: Measuring the Casino Category on Mobile App Stores

As we’ve revealed in the first two parts of our social casino gaming report, social casino games are a key cog in the global market for mobile apps. There are 20 publishers of social casino games among the top 100 grossing publishers worldwide on the Apple App Store, and 19 publishers among the top 100 [...]

Top Global Apps March 2014

We are already more than one quarter of the way through 2014 and now in early April, it is time to look at March 2014 and the new globally top performing apps. In this blog post we highlight the leading free, paid, and grossing apps for the Apple App Store, Google Play, and the Amazon [...]

Social Casino Gaming Report Part 2: The Top Social Casino Games Worldwide

Social casino gaming is big business in the mobile app market, as evidenced by part 1 of our Social Casino Gaming Report. In part 1, we discovered on the AppIQ Apple App Store top overall grossing publishers leaderboard globally (in a seven-day period from March 17 to March 23) that one-fifth of the publishers in the [...]

Distimo Webinar: Unveiling the Secrets behind App Store Category Dynamics

On Thursday, April 3rd 2014, we hosted a webinar, following up on our latest publication: Unveiling the Secrets behind App Store Category Dynamics. In addition to what was covered in the publication, we also showed some of the most successful apps behind the development of various categories in February 2014. It was interesting to note [...]

Candy Crush Saga Maker King Quietly Launches Keyword VS. on iOS

Candy Crush Saga developer King quietly launched its latest game globally last week. What is it you may ask? It’s actually a departure from King’s Saga series of games, such as Papa Pear Saga, Pet Rescue Saga and the most recent Saga series title Farm Heroes Saga, which is outpacing both Papa Pear and Pet [...]

Social Casino Gaming Report Part 1: The Biggest Publishers Globally

Social casino games are one of the most lucrative segments in mobile games, and in the mobile app market at large. To get a holistic picture of the social casino gaming market on mobile, we’ve created this report on the social casino gaming landscape. Part one of this three-part report, which will unfold over the [...]

Tracking the Rise of Trivia Game QuizUp on iOS and Google Play

After four months of availability on the Apple App Store, the insanely popular trivia game QuizUp made its way to Google Play. In five days of availability on Google Play, QuizUp cracked into the top 25 on the U.S. Google Play top overall free chart. Has QuizUp for Google Play been the same wild success [...]

Rovio’s RPG Angry Birds Epic Reaches Top Free Charts in Soft Launch Countries

Rovio is currently simmering its latest game Angry Birds Epic in Australia, Canada and New Zealand, before serving it to the rest of the world. The Espoo, Finland-based Rovio made it abundantly clear that Angry Birds Epic was soft launched in select countries before releasing globally. While many developers soft launch mobile apps in English-speaking [...]