Gree’s League of War Launches Globally, Performs Well in Australia

After a few months in soft-launch, social and mobile game company Gree officially launched League of War on iOS on May 15. League of War has big shoes to fill. It’s the latest game from Gree, a company that’s cranked out multiple top-grossing games such as Crime City, Modern War and Knights & Dragons. League of War […]

Anonymous Sharing Apps Secret vs. Whisper vs. Yik Yak

There’s a cadre of apps creating a lot of buzz in the mobile app industry right now. That buzz is generated by a new breed of social sharing apps that allow you to post messages, anonymously. The premise behind these anonymous social sharing apps is simple. Basically, these anonymous apps allow you to share your thoughts and […]

Twitch Shows Consistent Growth, Global iOS Downloads Increases 151% Y-o-Y

Google’s YouTube is reportedly purchasing fast-growing, video platform and community for gamers, Twitch, for $1 billion in cash, according to unnamed sources from Variety. The Wall Street Journal later reported that YouTube and Twitch are only in the early stages of talking with each other. Twitch is a video streaming service that enables users to watch, […]

Family Guy: The Quest for the Top Ranks on the App Stores

Fox’s popular animated series Family Guy made its small screen debut last month (first seen April 8) on mobile handsets and tablets worldwide in Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff. From the San Francisco-based game maker TinyCo, Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff (free) is a city-builder in the same vein as hit game The Simpsons: […]

Leo’s Fortune Follows Monument Valley, Generates Over 50% of Total Revenue in First 7 Days

First, it was Monument Valley, a paid game without in-app purchases, generating over 50 percent of its total global revenue on the Apple App Store in its first seven days of availability. Now, it’s Leo’s Fortune, another paid game with no in-app purchases, generating more than 50 percent of its total global revenue on iOS in […]

Kik Messenger Remains a Contender in Messaging App Space

It’s been a wild year so far in the global mobile messaging app space. With many more months left in 2014, the dust has yet to settle on the messaging app battlefield. Major messaging app players have been acquired, funded or added a significant amount of new features in 2014. In February, Japanese Internet giant Rakuten […]

Rovio Soft Launches Flappy Bird-Like Game Retry in Select Countries

Angry Birds maker Rovio last week (May 6) soft launched a new game on the Apple App Store (iPhone and iPad) called Retry. Retry (free) is the debut title from Lvl 11, a new, experimental development team within Rovio. LVL 11 is tasked with developing games that are outside of the Angry Birds brand. The 8-bit-looking game tasks you with navigating […]

Japanese Translation for Boom Beach Grew Downloads by 17X, Revenue by 4X in Japan

After months of occupying the shores of Canada in soft-launch, Supercell loaded Boom Beach into a landing craft, and deployed the strategy game on the Apple App Store all across the world on March 27. While Boom Beach (free) was in soft-launch in Canada and Australia, the strategy title was a chronic app on the top […]

Top Global Apps April 2014

April is the first month of Q2 2014 and we were excited to take a look at the app stores, curious to find out if there were any significant changes after the mostly stable global performance during Q1 2014. In this blog post we highlight the leading free, paid, and grossing apps for the Apple […]

Microsoft vs. Google: Battle of the Productivity Apps

Google last week unbundled features from its Google Drive app into two new standalone apps for the Apple App Store and Google Play — Google Docs and Google Sheets (Slides coming soon). The word processor app Docs and spreadsheet app Sheets allow you to both create and edit documents. Also, both apps allow you to store […]