Airtel’s App Central Reaches 13 Million Downloads In Four Months

Bharti Airtel just announced that their application store, which was launched four months ago, has had 13 million downloads to date. Currently, applications are downloaded at a pace of 1.2 / second. To put this into perspective; Apple announced a few weeks ago that the number of downloads from their Apple App Store crossed 5 billion. GetJar, […]

Two New Appstores In India

Yesterday Bharti Airtel, an Indian carrier, launched it’s appstore. Last month we covered the announcement of the appstore of Aircel, but Bharti Airtel took the lead and launched India’s first domestic app store. The Airtel App Central has over 1,250 apps available for download across 550+ devices categorized under 25 customer categories, both free and paid applications. Payments […]