Publication: The Impact of Being Featured in an App Store

Being featured is one way to stand out from the crowd in the major app stores. Developers, publishers, marketers and decision makers struggle with the question which app will be picked by app store teams to be featured and what the effect will be on downloads and revenue. To shed some light on this matter, this month’s [...]

Publication: Games, King of the Mobile Eco-system

We proudly present this month’s publication covering the Games category. We analyze the popularity of this category compared to other categories in terms of downloads and revenue. Additionally, we look at the popularity of games among app stores and countries in relation to revenue. Finally, we offer insights on the most important game genres. All [...]

Top Noteworthy Apps, Week 32

Distimo provides a weekly overview of the most notable new apps and movements in the app stores over the last week. The top performing apps are presented based on relative growth and absolute achievements in downloads or revenues on a global level. All data is directly extracted from Distimo AppIQ, which provides insights into the estimated download volumes [...]

Top New Global Apps, Week 28

Starting this week, Distimo provides a weekly overview of the most notable new apps and movements in the app stores over the last week. New apps are picked based on the date they first appear in the rankings of a particular store and are ordered by downloads or revenues globally. All data is directly extracted [...]

Top Global Apps – June 2013

Distimo proudly presents the best performing applications over June 2013 in terms of free downloads, paid downloads and most revenue globally aggregated. In the past months, Distimo focused only on the two major stores, the Apple App Store and Google Play. This month, the five most popular paid and free applications in the Amazon App [...]

A Granular App Level Look at Revenues: Google Play vs. Apple App Store

We proudly present this month’s publication providing a granular app level look at revenues in the Apple App Store and Google Play. In this report, Distimo debunks some of the myths surrounding application level revenue in Google Play and the Apple App Store. One of those myths is that although the (free) download volumes in [...]

App Promo Starts Annual App Developers Survey

App strategy and marketing firm App Promo has launched their second Annual App Developers Survey. Last year, App Promo found that nearly 60% of app developers were not generating enough revenue to break even with development of their apps. This year App Promo wants to see how developers promote and monetize their apps. If you are a [...]

Top Global Apps – March 2013

Our leaderboards are a great resource for anyone interested in mobile apps globally. These leaderboards list the most popular free, paid and grossing applications daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly per country and per category for the Apple App Store for iPhone, the Apple App Store for iPad and Google Play. Combining the monthly leaderboards across all [...]

Analyzing MessageMe’s uptake by Daily Downloads

The smartphone’s primary function used to be calling and texting, however, over the years communication via apps have increased in popularity instead. Popular communication applications across the globe are WhatsApp, LINE and Facebook Messenger. Earlier in March 2013, a new communication app was released in the Apple App Store and Google Play: MessageMe by MessageMe, Inc. [...]

Developer Economics Survey 2013

Market strategy firm Vision Mobile has just launched their seminal mobile developer survey Developer Economics 2013.  This Developer Economics is focusing on future of app development, platforms and HTML vs. native development. For an idea on the report’s contents, please find the previous version here. If you are a developer and interested to have your say, start the survey here. There [...]