Distimo Instant: Retrieving Your Data Fast

Our flagship products Distimo App Analytics and Distimo AppIQ have become fast, amazingly fast. The new swiftness even surprised our developers themselves. However, App Analytics is actually doing the same stuff, more rapidly! Distimo App Analytics Distimo App Analytics allows developers to track their daily download and revenue figures from all app stores in one convenient place. View […]

Distimo Conversion Tracking now supports Windows Store

To expand our cross-platform abilities even further we’ve added Windows Store support to Distimo AppLink. This means you can now combine your apps from nine different stores into one AppLink! AppLink of AboutOne Family Organizer. Supporting iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Windows and Windows RT. About Distimo AppLink Distimo AppLink is our cross-platform app distribution and […]

App Analytics now has Leaderboards with Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly Aggregation

Daily rankings can change very rapidly. With aggregated views over a longer timeframe, you can get a solid view on the best performing apps, spot new players to watch and compare monthly or quarterly performance with your main competitors. We would therefore like to introduce you to leaderboards aggregated by week, month and quarter! To […]

Windows Phone Leaderboards Now Show Rankings By WP7 And WP8 Device

A month ago we introduced you to our App Leaderboards, supporting ten stores and enabling you to view the daily top 400 highest ranked apps, broken down by store, country, category and rank type. Some stores have different ranks per device, including Windows Phone Store. Therefore two devices have been added to these leaderboards; Windows […]

Distimo App Analytics Adds Support for Windows Store

We just released a new version of Distimo App Analytics, the leading app analytics tool for app developers and publishers. Our latest release has two major updates that we want to share with you. Windows Store! We are excited to let you know that we have added our 10th store: Distimo App Analytics now supports Windows […]

Distimo Monitor now Supports Google Play Downloads By Country, Samsung Apps and Smaato

Downloads by Country for Google Play Google now provides country specific download volumes for Google Play apps. With Distimo Monitor you can now find out in which countries your apps are generating the most downloads and discover new local market opportunities. Support for Samsung Apps If you’re developing for Bada or have Android apps in […]

App Store Rewind 2011, is Your App Listed?

Last Friday Apple released its App Store Rewind for 2011, where the most downloaded content of this year is highlighted. Next to music, movies and TV shows, Rewind 2011 covers Apple App Store for iPhone, Apple App Store for iPad and Mac App Store. Some noteworthy findings It’s interesting to see that 77 of the 100 apps in […]

Distimo Monitor Now Lets Developers Track Ad Revenue

Next to one-off sales and in-app purchases, ads are an important source of income for app developers. To help developers analyze their revenue, we are happy to announce ad support in Distimo Monitor! At this moment there is support for three ad networks: iAds, AdMob and InMobi. iAds is automatically imported via your existing iTunes […]

Distimo Monitor Introduces New App Store Benchmarking Tools

Distimo Monitor, our free app store analytics tool for app developers, now has some very cool new features aimed at helping developers to monetize and broaden their geographic reach: Press Release This new Monitor release is featured in our official press release and press kit. The press kit also contains the infographic above. Supported Stores Currently, Distimo Monitor supports the […]