Publication: What Is Needed For Top Positions In The App Stores?

How many downloads do you need to enter the top charts in the major app stores, and how much revenue is required to obtain a top spot in the top grossing ranks? At Distimo, these questions are among the questions we receive most often from our App Analytics users. Knowing what to expect in terms […]

Webinar Video – How The Most Successful Apps Monetize Their User Base

On Wednesday April 3rd, we hosted our Monthly Publication Webinar. The topic of this webinar was ‘How The Most Successful Apps Monetize Their User Base’, which followed the major findings in the Monthly Publication of March. The webinar includes findings about the revenue per downloaded app and buisiness models. We illustrated how you can make these […]

Publication: How The Most Successful Apps Monetize Their User Base

This month’s report examines and analyzes the business models and revenues per download in the Apple App Store for the period from January 2012 through March 20, 2013, and looks at the development of the revenue generated by in-app purchases over time, along with the differences in monetization. It also analyzes the average revenue per […]

Survey Report: Android And iOS Most Popular Development Platforms, But Developers Looking For Alternatives

Market strategy firm Vision Mobile just released their fourth annual survey report “Developer Economics 2013″. For the report, subtitled “Developer Tools: Foundations of the App Economy”. 3,460 developers across 95 countries were surveyed. The report contains interesting insights into developer mindshare, revenue and lead platforms. This report specifically, also focuses on developer tools, incl. ad-networks, back-end as a […]

RIM Adjusts Pricing Tiers. Lower Prices For GBP And Euro Zone

Yesterday, RIM has announced in a blogpost that they will be introducing new pricing tiers in BlackBerry App World. RIM is rolling the new pricing tiers out in phases, with the first currencies to be affected being the British Pounds (GBP) and Euro. According to RIM, the reason for the change is that the new […]

Emerging App Markets: Russia, Brazil, Mexico and Turkey

Exactly one year ago we wrote a publication about the rise of the application market in a number of East Asian countries. Over the course of the past year the application market in those same East Asian countries continued to grow at a high pace, while at the same time other markets also started to […]

Distimo Speaking At Mobile Pioneers

Next week, June 21, Mobile Pioneers will take place in Utrecht, Netherlands. Mobile Pioneers is a Dutch event for decision makers and marketers in the business who want to get started with mobile apps quickly. It is an afternoon with experiences from daily practice, a clear overview of the current market and a glimpse into […]

Distimo Publication: The Rise of Instagram

It is our pleasure to release our latest Distimo Publication. The recent one billion dollar acquisition of Instagram by Facebook signals a significant milestone in the app store landscape, and this month’s publication focuses on the riseof Instagram. This month, we also cooperated with Skylines to analyze how app usage compares to the number of downloads. Please […]

Apple App Store Will Hit 25th Billon Download Within Next Three Days!

About two weeks ago, Apple announced that the 25th billion download from the Apple App Store will soon be hit. Since this announcement, Apple has put a counter online, which shows the total downloads from the App Store up to the moment the 25th billion download will be hit. Right now, a little over 100 […]