Publication: Unveiling the Secrets behind App Store Category Dynamics

Which category is most popular with publishers? How many newcomer apps make it to the top in a month? Could the category dynamics over time have a say in your app achieving higher positions in the app store rankings?

This month we investigate the evolution of app categories over time as it is a topic of interest for both developers and decision makers. On the one hand, selecting in which category to publish can impact one’s app visibility. On the other hand, comparing characteristics of various categories allows decision makers to grasp the bigger picture. Our analysis covers revenue and download trends, both monthly and yearly, successful business models and attraction of new apps. We point out what factors may have impacted the category success in February on Google Play, Apple App Store and Amazon Appstore.

The analysis in this report is based on data extracted directly from Distimo AppIQ and it covers February 2014 and all AppIQ countries, unless otherwise stated.

Finance and Sports revenue spikes

After a month-over-month revenue increase in January, both Apple App Store and Google Play experienced a slight decrease in February. Our analysis shows that despite the revenue decline, Finance and Sports had a remarkable performance in both stores, the most influential factors being the tax return season in the United States and the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia.

Apple App Store Categories

In contrast, the revenue trend from Medical and Health & Fitness categories went down in February in both Google Play and Apple App Store. It would appear that paying close attention to various Olympic sport performances came at the cost of one’s fitness activity and enthusiasm in keeping up with the New Year’s resolutions decreased.

Google Play Categories

For a comprehensive analysis of category trends we took a closer look at the impressive dynamics of the Sports category on both Google Play and Apple App Store over the last two months. The world map below shows how much each country contributed to the growth of the Sports category for both Google Play and Apple App Store. Although in the medal count at the Winter Olympic Games they came fourth, in terms of share of installed Sports free apps, United States was the indisputable leader on both platforms. Russia came in second on Google Play and third on Apple App Store. Among the countries with the lowest Sports apps downloads volume we note China on Google Play and Brazil on Apple App Store.

Sports Category - Growth

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If you want to know more about category dynamics in terms of downloads, distribution of category revenue per business model and which categories are most active in attracting new apps, download our free publication:

Unveiling the Secrets behind App Store Category Dynamics.



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