Distimo API now available for everyone

Distimo is thrilled to announce the opening of its Distimo API to everyone. New and existing Distimo users, with or without apps, can now access our API to track app market data — for free. Our API can be used for gathering analytics, analyzing market trends or generating leads.

Distimo API public

Distimo’s data for all

Distimo’s API now allows users who don’t even develop apps to connect to our API, granting access to our wealth of publicly available ranking data for any app worldwide. For Distimo App Analytics users, via the API, they can access data like downloads, revenues, rankings and reviews for their own apps, which can be broken down by country, continent, app store, app, device and time frame. AppIQ customers receive all data from their own apps as well as daily download and revenue estimations for any app of their choosing.

Seamless data integration

Distimo’s API allows any user to seamlessly store data collected from Distimo into their own data storage or analytics solutions.  Developers and publishers can also use Distimo as their core reporting API for any internal analytics solutions.

Distimo API public 2

A limitless API

The ability of Distimo’s API is limitless. All the data available in Distimo App Analytics — transactional data, public data (leaderboards), AppIQ data and Conversion Tracking data — can be combined with other data sources you collect. You can access data from Distimo’s API via any programming language or tools of your choosing, and data can be exported in two file formats — CSV or JSON. Aside from our API’s limitless potential, Distimo’s API is remarkably stable and rarely sees interface adjustments.

We want to share our data with you by any means possible, so give Distimo’s API a test drive!

Scott Reyburn