Announcing the Distimo API

Today we are releasing the Distimo API to provide you unparalleled access to app data. Just switch on the free API and get your data anywhere you want. We streamline the data into various formats and users can process the data in their own data warehouse – including both their own data and AppIQ data.


The benefits for any user of our App Analytics or AppIQ are:
- Integrate in own existing data analysis systems
- Combine app data with other data sources
- Build apps on top of Distimo App Analytics for everyone

How to enable the API

The API is now a central part of our App Analytics. Simply create an API key and you are ready to go. If you are not a user of our free App Analytics, just sign up for an account.

What users say

zeptolabFrom early on, we have been heavy users of Distimo App Analytics and used the service as an integral part of our data warehouse system. The API introduction made data requesting a breeze – and we find the API itself extremely convenient and easy to use

- Kirill Daniluk, Statistics PM, ZeptoLab

Enterprise integrations

The Distimo API is also used by companies like Adobe to enrich Adobe Analytics with app store data and video game research firm EEDAR for including AppIQ data in GamePulse. Please contact us for more information on these integrations.

We hope you will like the new API!


Vincent Hoogsteder