Analyzing MessageMe’s uptake by Daily Downloads

The smartphone’s primary function used to be calling and texting, however, over the years communication via apps have increased in popularity instead. Popular communication applications across the globe are WhatsApp, LINE and Facebook Messenger.

Earlier in March 2013, a new communication app was released in the Apple App Store and Google Play: MessageMe by MessageMe, Inc. Now, almost a month later, Distimo takes a closer look on how MessageMe is catching up with the other messenger giants. For this analysis, Distimo uses data available in AppIQ.

The Uptake

Below one sees daily downloads of MessageMe in the Apple App Store in the United States (pink line) and the United Kingdom (blue line). After its release, downloads of MessageME started to grow to around 40 thousand daily downloads in the United States. However, eight days after the introduction of MessageMe, downloads declined to 4,000 daily downloads in the United States. In the United Kingdom, we noticed a complete different uptake: the adoption of MessageMe from the launch was somewhat slower than it appeared in the US. However, after two weeks and two updates later, downloads volumes peaked to almost 85 thousand downloads on March 24 in the UK. A similar pattern as the one in the UK is noticed for MessageMe in Google Play, only the download volumes were slightly lower.

Distribution Across Countries

In the Apple App Store, MessageMe was mostly downloaded in the United States and United Kingdom (see below). Fifty percent of all downloads in the Apple App Store came from these two countries. Surprisingly, Turkey and Saudi Arabia ranked third and fourth in the Apple App Store. Even more interesting is the download distribution in Google Play, which is depicted in the figure below . Here, Turkey held the number one position in terms of highest download volumes of MessageMe; 35% of all downloads come from this country. The US and the UK ranked second and third.


Comparing daily downloads of MessageMe (green) with Facebook Messenger (blue) and WhatsApp Messenger (pink) in the Apple App Store in the United States, we noticed that, from scratch, MessageMe had more daily downloads than WhatsApp Messenger and Facebook Messenger. However, downloads of MessageMe dropped after one week and so did its share compared to WhatsApp Messenger and Facebook Messenger.

Whether MessageMe will compete with the established messenger apps in the future is hard to tell. WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger have already a huge user-base, which they can use to monetize their free downloads. We will keep a close eye on MessageMe’s performance.

All data is available in AppIQ. Do you want see MessageMe’s performance yourself or do you want to track your own competitors? Please sign up or contact our sales team.

Tiuri van Agten