Distimo Goes Enterprise: We Are Integrating With Adobe Analytics

Today is a day our entire team has been looking forward to for a while. Close to four years ago, we started building something that we just believed had to be built: a product that gives developers so-much needed insight and helps them perform and monetize better. As of today, our App Analytics is the global #1 free app store analytics tool, tracking over 2.6 billion downloads per quarter for major developers worldwide. As the market is moving into a more mature state, the attention of the enterprise is growing at a very high pace. Every company within the Fortune 500 is either present in the app market or has plans to enter it. Distimo will support these companies to execute the best app strategy with our extensive daily app data.

We have developed an API solution that brings all our daily app data to other major services that many enterprise customers already use. Today, we are very excited to announce that our launch partner Adobe will merge Distimo’s App Store Data into Adobe Analytics. We will integrate and automatically sync Distimo’s app store data and analytics with Adobe Analytics, a real-time, high-performance analytics and reporting platform. Mutual customers of our two companies will gain deep insight into their app store data, such as the ability to view their application’s downloads, one-off revenue, in-app revenue, and rankings for every major app store worldwide – including the Apple App Store, Google Play, Amazon Appstore, BlackBerry World, and Windows Phone/Windows Store, right in Adobe Analytics.

Roger Woods, Senior Product Manager, Mobile Solutions at Adobe, comments:

The power of Adobe Analytics combined with Distimo’s app store data will enable our mutual customers to analyze and sync their app store data along with app engagement and usage data collected by Adobe Analytics. Our decision to integrate Distimo’s app store data aligns with our commitment to help marketers make data-driven decisions that drive higher marketing ROI.

Our goal at Distimo is to provide independent, reliable, and transparent insight into the extremely fragmented global app market – and the accuracy of our data is unmatched in the industry. Our partnership with Adobe will enable our mutual customers to leverage Distimo’s app store data within the powerful Adobe Analytics platform, and gain actionable business intelligence across their app initiatives, websites and other sources at the same time.

We look forward to forming additional strategic enterprise partnerships to give Distimo customers unparalleled access to their data. We will also enable our AppIQ data, to provide enterprise customers with insight in the daily downloads and revenues of any app initiative of a competing market player.

See the full press release.

Vincent Hoogsteder