Download Uptake Of Ruzzle On iOS

Ruzzle is a very successful word playing game on iOS and Android. Currently it’s ranked number one top overall free in the US and has been up in the top 10 since the holidays. The app generates well over 100k daily downloads on iOS in the US only and also is approaching the top 10 most revenue generating apps with their in-app purchases.

Why this story is extra interesting? The app showed the first signs of real pickup in the US early December. But is was already available much longer. Ruzzle was released already in early March 2012. Between March and December US downloads were pretty much flatline. Below our estimated daily downloads using Distimo AppIQ data:

Ruzzle Daily iOS Downloads – United States

Ruzzle’s developer,¬†MAG Interactive, is based in Stockholm, Sweden. The app is also available in a wide selection of local languages. One of our previous monthly publications¬†demonstrated the substantial impact this can have on downloads by country. The app uptake in its developer’s home country looks quite different from the US, these are the daily downloads since launch in Sweden:

Ruzzle Daily iOS Downloads – Sweden

At launch the app quickly went up, but has been going down to a much lower stable level after that. In our home country, The Netherlands, the app also quickly won users after launch. It’s volume also decreased, but is still at a much higher level than in Sweden:

Ruzzle Daily iOS Downloads – The Netherlands

So will the US downloads also start following a pattern as in Sweden or The Netherlands? We’ll keep an eye on that. In the meanwhile, Ruzzle seems up for a German adventure as well:

Ruzzle Daily iOS Downloads – Germany

Vincent Hoogsteder