Publication: App Downloads Amazon Appstore versus Google Play

Amazon recently announced that it intends to expand the Amazon Appstore to almost 200 countries in the near future. In the meanwhile Distimo plans to add AppIQ support for the Amazon Appstore in terms of daily estimated downloads and one-off revenues. These two events were the reasons for Distimo to focus on the Amazon Appstore […]

Newzoo and Distimo Extend Partnership

Games market research firm Newzoo and Distimo announced the extension and expansion of their partnership.  Newzoo will publish new rankings featuring the top 20 best performing countries in terms of mobile game revenues. The monthly rankings will cover iPhone, iPad and PlayStore stores. The Mobile Games Data Report is a new joint publication combining overall […]

App Promo Starts Annual App Developers Survey

App strategy and marketing firm App Promo has launched their second Annual App Developers Survey. Last year, App Promo found that nearly 60% of app developers were not generating enough revenue to break even with development of their apps. This year App Promo wants to see how developers promote and monetize their apps. If you are a […]

Top Global Apps – March 2013

Our leaderboards are a great resource for anyone interested in mobile apps globally. These leaderboards list the most popular free, paid and grossing applications daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly per country and per category for the Apple App Store for iPhone, the Apple App Store for iPad and Google Play. Combining the monthly leaderboards across all […]

Analyzing MessageMe’s uptake by Daily Downloads

The smartphone’s primary function used to be calling and texting, however, over the years communication via apps have increased in popularity instead. Popular communication applications across the globe are WhatsApp, LINE and Facebook Messenger. Earlier in March 2013, a new communication app was released in the Apple App Store and Google Play: MessageMe by MessageMe, Inc. […]

Webinar Video – How The Most Successful Apps Monetize Their User Base

On Wednesday April 3rd, we hosted our Monthly Publication Webinar. The topic of this webinar was ‘How The Most Successful Apps Monetize Their User Base’, which followed the major findings in the Monthly Publication of March. The webinar includes findings about the revenue per downloaded app and buisiness models. We illustrated how you can make these […]

Developer Economics Survey 2013

Market strategy firm Vision Mobile has just launched their seminal mobile developer survey Developer Economics 2013.  This Developer Economics is focusing on future of app development, platforms and HTML vs. native development. For an idea on the report’s contents, please find the previous version here. If you are a developer and interested to have your say, start the survey here. There […]