Windows Phone Leaderboards Now Show Rankings By WP7 And WP8 Device

A month ago we introduced you to our App Leaderboards, supporting ten stores and enabling you to view the daily top 400 highest ranked apps, broken down by store, country, category and rank type. Some stores have different ranks per device, including Windows Phone Store. Therefore two devices have been added to these leaderboards; Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8.

Windows Phone 8 Leaderboard

Track Daily Ranks Of Any App With Distimo App Analytics

These changes also apply to our free App Analytics service which now provides daily ranks (over time) of any Windows Phone 7 or 8 app separately. Below an example of daily ranks for the apps SkyDrive and Ragdoll Run, both well positioned in the Top Overall category for Windows Phone 8 devices.

Windows Phone 8 Daily Ranks

Want To See More?

To track your own or any other app in the 10 stores we support, just sign up to our App Analytics service for free.

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