Publication: 2012 Year In Review

It is our pleasure to release our latest Distimo Publication.

This report will give an overview of the most important developments in the Apple App Store and Google Play in 2012. How did the stores develop over the last year? Which store generates most revenue nowadays? What are the most downloaded apps and what are the most successful publishers in 2012?

Google Play Catching Up?

Looking at the worldwide daily download volumes, the app store opportunity is large. On a typical day in November 2012, the revenues in the Apple App Store are 15M USD, while in Google Play the revenues are just below 3.5M USD in 20 of the largest countries in both app stores. Google Play showed tremendous growth in the past four months, with an aggregated growth in daily revenue of 43% across 20 of the largest countries while the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad grew by 21% in daily revenue in the same period.

More Than 1M Downloads In Three Days

Draw Something, one of the best known apps of 2012, reached 1M users in nine days, and at Distimo we found it is possible to gain 1M users much faster. Naver, one of the most successful Asian publishers, launched five applications at the end of November and all five quickly became the most popular applications in many Asian countries. We estimated Line Pop, the most popular of those, to have gathered 1.75M downloads within 72 hours.

Tablet Download Proclivity Differences Per Country

The country with the highest tablet download proclivity is Russia, where 46% of all iOS downloads are on the iPad. Other countries with a high proclivity of iPad downloads are The Netherlands and Finland with 38% and 35%, respectively. Japan is the country with the least tablet download proclivity, as only 7% of all iOS downloads are iPad apps. The iPad revenues are already higher than the iPhone revenues in some countries when looking at revenues, e.g. Russia.

Only a Few Apps Responsible for 10% of the Revenues

Seven applications were responsible for 10% of the revenues in November 2012 in the Apple App Store for iPhone, which is a significant lower number of applications than in January 2012. Moreover in Apple App Store for iPad six applications were responsible for 10% of the revenues, while in Google Play this figure was four. The most successful cross store publisher in the Apple App Store and Google Play in 2012 were:

Download The Full Report

In the publication you will find much more detailed information about the Apple App Store and Google Play in 2012. You can now download the publication.

The press kit including all image files is also available.

Gert Jan Spriensma