Publication: Discover The Windows Store

Windows 8 was released for general availability to the public about a month ago. With the launch of Windows 8, the Windows Store now enables customers to easily download and update software on the system.

We believe the Windows Store will become an important channel in digital software distribution, which is why we already support this app store. Developers can sign up here, or view the daily leaderboards for Windows Store here. This month’s publication focuses on the first month in business for the Windows Store and compares it to other app stores.

The Major Findings Are

The daily download volume among the top 300 most popular applications in the Windows Store is already three times higher than the volume among the top 300 most popular applications in the Apple Mac App Store. However, in terms of paid volume only, the Apple Mac App Store is still doing much (5 times) better.

Microsoft did a good job in giving local content more visibility in the Windows Store. Overall 10% of all applications in the rankings are locally popular only. This is even higher when we disregard the small countries. In Japan, for example, 41% of all top 300 applications are locally popular only, and also in Korea, where about 30% of all top applications are locally popular only. The Windows Store currently features a total of 21,183 applications world wide, however only 13,844 (65%) are available in North America. As a matter of comparison, this ratio is above 85% in most app stores.

One month after the official launch there are already more than 20K applications available in the Windows Store. This is more than the Apple Mac App Store, which counts 13K applications, however, it still has a long way to go to reach the amount of apps in the Apple App Store or Google Play, which both have over 600K available applications. Still, there has been no store thus far that had that many available applications after just one month in business.

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Gert Jan Spriensma