Check The Daily Top Apps By Country In 10 App Stores

Yesterday, we added support for our 10th app store, the Windows Store. Developers that have apps in one or more of these stores, can now use our free Analytics to track and benchmark their performance.

We also have added support for the Windows Store in our daily Leaderboards. In these leaderboards, you can view the daily top 400 highest ranked apps, broken down by store, country, category, rank type and device.

Want to see which apps are locally successful in Japan? What content is doing well on the new Microsoft Surface? Which apps from the Google Play Store are also present in Amazon Appstore? Who are the fastest rising new players? Those are just a couple of things you can find out with these Leaderboards.

If you are interested to view this data by day in an easy to drill-down interface, sign up for a free Analytics account. We hope you like it!

Vincent Hoogsteder