Publication: The 2012 Top 100 Global Brands

This month’s Distimo publication focuses on the 2012 best global brands. We have cited the Interbrand 2012 Best Global Brands report as the source for the top global brands for the purpose of this report. The Interbrand 2012 report lists the top 100 most valuable brands worldwide. We will look at how the apps of the top brands perform in the Apple App Store. Are the most popular brands also the most successful brands in terms of downloads in the Apple App Store? Has the popularity of the brands’ apps changed during 2012? Are these global brands truly global in the App Store as well? These questions and more will be answered in this month’s publication.

We organize a 30-minute webinar on the App Store performance of the top global brands on Monday the 5th of November at 05.00PM CET (08.00 PST). Please register here.

The major finding in this report are:

  • Most of the top 100 best global brands have at least one application in the Apple App Store. Only twelve brands do not have an application available in this store. Six brands that did not have any applications in the App Store in September 2011 have at least one application available now.
  • Apple, Disney, Facebook, Google and eBay generated the most downloads in the U.S. Apple App Store in September 2012, and are therefore the most successful top 100 brands in the Apple App Store in the US in September 2012.
  • Of the top 100 Global Brands, two brands were both among the five most valuable brands and the top five brands that have generated most downloads in the Apple App Store in the U.S. These brands are Google and Apple.
  • Google’s YouTube is the most downloaded app from the Apple App Store of any of the top 100 global brands in September in the U.S. The IKEA Catalog is the most downloaded brand app for the purpose of promotion only. Apps by other brands that are used primarily for promotion generated significantly less downloads.
  • Not all top global brands are also globally successful in the App Store. Apps from brands like Gap, Johnson & Johnson, Harley-Davidson and Pampers are nearly always downloaded in the United States only.
  • GE is the brand that scores high both on the brand value list (rank six), but also on the scale of the division of app downloads across different countries. Apps from this brand are downloaded very equally across countries, making it a truly global brand for app downloads as well.
You can now download the publication.The press kit including all image files is also available.

Hendrik Koekkoek