Apple App Store Celebrates Its Four Year Anniversary

Exactly four years ago (July 10, 2008 via an update to iTunes), the Apple App Store for iPhone opened. At start only 500 applications were available for download but the number of available applications quickly increased after launch. Just one month ago Apple reported some figures about the number of applications and downloads. Now, more than 650,000 applications are available and in the past four years 30 billion downloads generated over 5 billion in revenue for iOS developers.

Although many criticize the strict approval criteria of Apple and competitors tried to imitate the app store, the Apple App Store is still the largest store around and the best store in terms of monetization (see our monthly publication of May) for over 150,000 publishers actively developing applications for iOS. In June 2012 about 3.5M free applications were downloaded on a daily basis among the top 100 most popular free iPhone applications in the United States. Compared to two years ago the daily volume increased by 49% while compared to previous year the daily free downloads still jumped by 26%. As we have reported on extensively (for example, 12, 3) in the past year, many others countries grew by much higher figures. In the graph you can find more about the growth of the number of available applications in the Apple App Store (both iPad and iPhone) in the past years.

Gert Jan Spriensma