Apple App Store Expands To 32 New Countries

The Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad expands to 32 new countries, mainly in Africa (Liberia, Congo) and Asia (Laos, Cambodia) but also to some unexplored territories in Europe (Ukraine, Albania). Please note, this does not mean customers in those countries were not able to download apps before, up to now there just wasn’t a localized version of the App Store available. In all the 32 added countries pricing is based on USD, so no new currencies (and pricing tiers) became available. Going forward, roughly 75% of all countries in the world have a localized version of the Apple App Store. In the World map below all new countries are marked to give you an idea about the geographical location of the 32 new countries.

An application that is already available in the Apple App Store is not automatically available in the 32 new countries, the publisher need to go to the Contracts, Tax and Banking page first and accept the latest paid applications agreement and applications should been cleared for sale in the new countries.

All countries will be added to our country portfolio in Distimo Monitor and can be included in custom reports. Below all 32 new countries are given.

Albania Benin Bhutan
Burkina Faso Cambodia Cape Verde
Chad Congo Fiji
Gambia Guinea-Bissau Kyrgyzstan
Laos Liberia Malawi
Mauritania Micronesia Mongolia
Mozambique Namibia Nepal
Palau Papua New Guinea Sao Tome e Principe
Seychelles Sierra Leone Solomon Islands
Swaziland Tajikistan Turkmenistan
Ukraine Zimbabwe
Gert Jan Spriensma