Quora Answering Series; Download Volume Needed To Hit Top 25 Per Category

We noticed that many developers turn to Quora to validate mobile business plans, estimate market sizes or plan promotions more efficiently. At Distimo we gather a lot of data that is relevant to those developers. Therefore we decided to start tracking Quora and answer those questions for which we have data that we can share. This post is the second in the series and details what number of downloads an application needs to hit the top charts in the different categories in the United States.

This question has been asked frequently to us after our first contribution and there are quite a lot questions on Quora about this topic as well.

Naturally, the nature of applications defines the demand and consequently to reach the top in a popular category requires more downloads than in a less popular one. For example, games are a very popular genre of applications while demand for weather applications is more limited. Moreover, free applications tend to have much higher download volumes than paid applications as the threshold to download is lower.

This post shows the downloads required to hit the top 25 per category. We chose the top 25 because the first 25 applications are shown immediately when a user fires up the app store on their mobile. All data is based on daily download figures in the Apple App Store for iPhone in the United States in April 2012.

To hit the top 25 most popular free application in the Entertainment category, an application would need to have 6.7 thousand daily downloads, while an equal position in the weather category only requires 300 downloads. Although the Top Overall contains only applications that are also available in other categories, it is still added to give a complete picture.

On average, across all categories, the volume needed to hit the top 25 most popular free applications is 13 times higher than the volume needed to hit the top 25 most popular paid applications. However, there are large differences per category. For example, in the weather (9x) and education (9x) categories consumers seem more willing to pay for applications. The volumes required to hit the top 25 most popular paid applications are given below.

As is clear from the graphs, Games is the most popular category. Therefore we did the analysis again for subcategories of games.

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This was our second post in this series. Please let us know (@distimo@gert_jan) if there are other interesting (unanswered) questions on Quora that could be answered with our data.

Gert Jan Spriensma