Introducing Distimo AppLink, Cross-Platform App Store Distribution and Marketing Made Easy

Today we announced the global launch of Distimo AppLink, a new, easy-to-use, cross-platform app distribution service that provides developers with a one-stop shop for detailed insight into their app distribution analytics and their app sales funnel.

Developers who use Distimo AppLink can create and communicate one single short URL for apps that are available on multiple platforms, and can also keep track of consumers who are interested in their application on platforms that are not yet supported by the developer. Distimo AppLink provides app publishers with detailed statistics about their marketing campaigns and the effectiveness of different channels, and also helps consumers to easily share apps they discover with their friends, family and colleagues, independent of the other person’s mobile device.

Our latest publication, also released today, clearly shows the need for cross-platform distribution, as publishers need to opt for a multiple store strategy in order to reach more than 50% of the United States market. The highest free download volumes can be found in Google Play where the daily download volume among the top 300 most popular free applications was 4M in April 2012. Google Play was followed by the Apple App Store for iPhone (82% of the Play volume), Apple App Store for iPad (20%), Amazon App Store (10%) and Windows Phone 7 Marketplace (2%).

Many successful publishers start to develop for multiple platforms immediately, e.g. Rovio launched Angry Birds Space for Android,  iOS and Mac at the same time. Moreover, successful application publishers on one platform also decide to go to other platforms like the recent addition of the Instagram and Flipboard applications on Android show. The top 300 most popular free and 300 most popular paid applications in April in all six major app stores show that a significant part of the successful applications are already available on multiple platforms. For example, 33% of the most popular applications in the Apple App Store for iPhone are also available in Google Play.

Publishers who deploy the cross-store marketing strategy often discover, however, that cross-store marketing brings with it another challenge, e.g. what if your link to Apple App Store is opened by an Android user? “Developers have had very limited insight into their target audience – until now,” says Vincent Hoogsteder, CEO and co-founder of Distimo. “Distimo AppLink solves this challenge and enables developers to dramatically improve their user acquisition strategy – especially when used in combination with the distribution analytics that our Distimo Monitor product already provides across all apps stores and major ad networks.”

Distimo AppLink gives developers:

  • One single cross-platform app download link – Developers can use Distimo AppLink to create and communicate one single, short URL for apps that are available on multiple platforms. It can be used anywhere – from social media networks like Facebook and Twitter to sales and marketing online and print campaigns.
  • A beautiful web presence for apps in just one-click – Distimo AppLink takes a developer’s existing app store data and quickly turns it into a beautiful, engaging landing page to capture audience attention. There is no need for programming or additional designing as this example from eBuddy shows.
  • Invisible, automatic device detection and redirection – Anytime a Distimo AppLink is visited on a mobile device, it automatically redirects the consumer to the correct app store. Redirection occurs super fast and is invisible to the end user making it easy for consumers to get the developer’s app.

Learn more about Distimo AppLink, or read our monthly publications.

Gert Jan Spriensma