Google Play Tops 500,000 Applications

Only four months ago we reported that Google Play had hit the 400K milestone and now in the beginning of May Google Play already stocks more than 500K applications worldwide. This means that in only four months time over 100K applications have been added to the market.

In the same period in the Apple App Store for iPhone ‘only’ 63K applications have been added. In the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace and BlackBerry App World 35K and 22K applications have been added in the past four months.

But as the sales of tablets with Android start to pick up and consequently the number of applications optimized for tablet also increases, it is fair to compare the number of applications in Google Play with that of the iOS platform as a whole. We have reported in our monthly publication that there are over 180K iPad applications available in the United States. However, the majority (61%) of those are universal applications (one package for both iPhone and iPad), hence these are counted as one application. Therefore as of April 2012 there are over 600K applications available for iOS. In the graph below the number of applications on both platforms are displayed over the past six months.

What can be observed is that Google Play is slowly catching up with the Apple App Store for iOS (30K more new applications added over the past six months), but the difference is still quite large (110K).

The majority of the applications are still offered for free in Google Play; only 28% of the content is paid for while in the Apple stores the majority of the content is paid. Moreover, the proportion of applications that feature in-apps is still quite low with 2% compared to the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad with 6% and 10% respectively.

Gert Jan Spriensma