Distimo Publication: The Rise of Instagram

It is our pleasure to release our latest Distimo Publication.

The recent one billion dollar acquisition of Instagram by Facebook signals a significant milestone in the app store landscape, and this month’s publication focuses on the riseof Instagram. This month, we also cooperated with Skylines to analyze how app usage compares to the number of downloads. Please have a look at our Pinterest board as we uploaded all our graphs on our board to enable sharing of charts.

The key findings from this report are:

  • Instagram is an impressive success story. During the first month after its release, daily downloads in the US were under 10,000, however, in April 2012, daily downloads have been over 100,000 for several days.
  • Looking at the growth of Instagram since May 2011, the cumulative downloads increased sevenfold in the US up to and including March 2012. The number of shares from Instagram to Twitter however, increased twelvefold indicating that the number of shares per user are increasing.
  • Instagram is not equally successful in every country. It took Instagram only one day to reach the top spot in the Photography category for the iPhone in the US, however it took almost two months in China and over half a year in Korea. In these countries, users prefer apps similar to Instagram, but with the possibility of sharing to their local networks like Sina, QQ Space, me2day.
  • Instagram reached the top ten overall in Germany, UK and US after 350 days for the first time. This milestone coincided with the exact moment Instagram announced they had reached 10 million users. In terms of usage, this was the first day more than 200,000 pictures were posted on Twitter on one day via Instagram: 14 percent more than that same day a week prior.
  • When Instagram was launched on Android, it reached the number one spot in the social category in five of the ten most important countries: the US, UK, Australia, Canada and Italy. In the US, this happened within four days. In Australia, Canada, the UK, and Italy, Instagram became the number one social app in under 10 days. The fact that Instagram is published in the Social category instead of the Photography category makes clear that Instagram no  longer considers itself as simply a photography app.
  • More and more apps integrating some kind of Instagram functionality are added every day. Some of the most popular iPhone apps include Camera Awesome and Pic Stitch.

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Hendrik Koekkoek