Google Android Market Tops 400,000 Applications

Google Android Market gave itself a nice new year’s present last weekend. The total number of active applications worldwide in the Android Market reached the 400,000 milestone. Android Market has topped the 200K and 300K available apps milestones in April and August 2011 respectively.
The main contributors to reach this milestone are free applications. Roughly, 2/3 of the available applications are free in Android Market. The percentage of free applications has steadily grown month over month from 60% in April 2011 to 68% free content at the end of 2011. One of the reason behind this increase in free content is the success of the freemium business model, which is explained in more detail in our annual overview.

Google Android Market needed two more months in order to reach this landmark compared to the Apple App Store for iPhone, which hit the 400K available apps in June 2011. Interesting to see is that Android Market has taken 31 months to reach the 200,000 milestone, while Apple only needed 22 months to do this for iPhone apps. However, Android Market needed only four more months to pass the 300.000 milestone, while the App Store for iPhone needed eight more months after Apple hits the 200,000 milestone. Moreover, the gap between the 300K and 400K milestone is also smaller for the Android Market than for the Apple App Store for iPhone, 4 and 7 months respectively.

In addition, Google Android Market has nearly passed a second milestone as well. Android Market has almost more than 100K publishers active in its application store. In the Android Market, each developer publishes 4.1 applications on average, while  developers published nearly five apps on average a year ago.

The milestone  reached by Google Android Market relates to applications that are currently active in the store.  Many applications have been removed by Google or developers, due to infringement of copyright for example.

Tiuri van Agten