Publication: 2012 Year In Review

It is our pleasure to release our latest Distimo Publication. This report will give an overview of the most important developments in the Apple App Store and Google Play in 2012. How did the stores develop over the last year? Which store generates most revenue nowadays? What are the most downloaded apps and what are the […]

Conversion Tracking Using Distimo App Analytics

A month ago we made some big improvements to our AppLink conversion tracking, which provides a great way to analyze user’s conversion rates from app discovery to install, from which channels they are coming and what devices they use. In this post we’ll delve into the various concepts and tools available to you through Distimo […]

Windows Phone Leaderboards Now Show Rankings By WP7 And WP8 Device

A month ago we introduced you to our App Leaderboards, supporting ten stores and enabling you to view the daily top 400 highest ranked apps, broken down by store, country, category and rank type. Some stores have different ranks per device, including Windows Phone Store. Therefore two devices have been added to these leaderboards; Windows […]

Why Does Facebook Like WhatsApp?

The potential acquisition of WhatsApp Messenger by Facebook is all over the news right now. At our lunch break we discussed which one of the two messenger apps is more popular; Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp Messenger. We covered the potential threats for Facebook (with among others WhatsApp Messenger) already in our monthly publication of August 2012. However, we […]