Presentation Droidcon NL 2012 Slides

On Friday November 23rd, we were present at Droidcon NL 2012 in Amsterdam. We hosted a session about the main characteristics of the major application stores. The main focus was on monetization and localization in the Google Play. The slides that were showed during this session are available below. If you have questions or feedback, please let […]

Publication: Discover The Windows Store

Windows 8 was released for general availability to the public about a month ago. With the launch of Windows 8, the Windows Store now enables customers to easily download and update software on the system. We believe the Windows Store will become an important channel in digital software distribution, which is why we already support this app store. […]

Distimo App Analytics Adds Support for Windows Store

We just released a new version of Distimo App Analytics, the leading app analytics tool for app developers and publishers. Our latest release has two major updates that we want to share with you. Windows Store! We are excited to let you know that we have added our 10th store: Distimo App Analytics now supports Windows […]

Obama Vs. Romney In Number Of App Downloads

Today the elections in the United States will show if Obama or Romney will be the president for the next four years. In the previous presidential election in 2008, Obama unleashed the power of Social Media to engage many U.S. citizens and vote for him. In 2012, both candidates released applications for both iOS and […]

Developer Economics 2013 Survey

Market strategy firm Vision Mobile has just launched their seminal mobile developer survey Developer Economics 2013.  Developer Economics is a report focusing on mobile developers, apps and brands going mobile. For an idea on the report’s contents, please find the previous year version here. If you are a developer and interested to have your say, start the survey […]