Introducing Distimo AppIQ: Daily Estimated Download And Revenue Volumes Of Any App

Today is a big day for team Distimo. Everything that we have worked on for the last 3,5 years since starting the company comes together in a brand new product. We’re very excited to introduce Distimo AppIQ, allowing our customers to get access to daily estimated download and revenue volumes of any app in the market. AppIQ […]

Distimo Month Report Webinar – Slides

Due to an error in our webinar email, the link pointed to the previous webinar slides on App Translations. You can find the correct slides from the Global Brands webinar here. — On Monday October 8, we hosted our first Month Report Webinar. The topic of this webinar was ‘The Impact of App Translations’, which […]

Distimo Month Report Webinar: Impact of App Translations

This week we released our latest Distimo Publication, which you can download here. This month’s report focuses on the translation of apps in native languges and its impact on downloads and revenues. Free monthly report webinar With this month’s report, we will also provide additional background in the form of a free monthly webinar. We […]

Publication: The Impact of App Translations

The app ecosystem is one of the first truly global markets as all major app stores operate in the majority of the countries. Despite the global characteristics of the app ecosystem, content in each store largely differs from country to country. The focus on localization explains these differences. Apps could be localized with local promotional […]