Emerging App Markets: Russia, Brazil, Mexico and Turkey

Exactly one year ago we wrote a publication about the rise of the application market in a number of East Asian countries. Over the course of the past year the application market in those same East Asian countries continued to grow at a high pace, while at the same time other markets also started to […]

Distimo Goes To Japan

Today we are very excited to announce that Distimo is setting foot in Japan. Together with Japanese digital marketing consulting firm interarrows we are launching a joint product. The product consists of Distimo data that is analyzed and presented specifically for the local Japanese market by interarrows. The joint product is aimed at the Japanese […]

Distimo Speaking At Mobile Pioneers

Next week, June 21, Mobile Pioneers will take place in Utrecht, Netherlands. Mobile Pioneers is a Dutch event for decision makers and marketers in the business who want to get started with mobile apps quickly. It is an afternoon with experiences from daily practice, a clear overview of the current market and a glimpse into […]