Distimo Publication: iPad Two Years In Review

It is our pleasure to release our latest Distimo Publication. This report offers an extensive analysis of the Apple App Store for iPad. It dives into the general characteristics of the app store and aims to give developers better insights to base their strategy upon. Please have a look at our Pinterest board as we uploaded all our […]

Distimo Monitor now Supports Google Play Downloads By Country, Samsung Apps and Smaato

Downloads by Country for Google Play Google now provides country specific download volumes for Google Play apps. With Distimo Monitor you can now find out in which countries your apps are generating the most downloads and discover new local market opportunities. Support for Samsung Apps If you’re developing for Bada or have Android apps in […]

Distimo Talks At Festival Of Games

Next month (April, 10th) Distimo will give a talk at the Festival of Games in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The conference’s theme is based around the fact that in 2 years time twice as many iOS games have been released as the total of all console games since 1980. This explosion of games demands for new […]