Apple App Store Will Hit 25th Billon Download Within Next Three Days!

About two weeks ago, Apple announced that the 25th billion download from the Apple App Store will soon be hit. Since this announcement, Apple has put a counter online, which shows the total downloads from the App Store up to the moment the 25th billion download will be hit. Right now, a little over 100 […]

GetJar Puts Heavy Focus On Virtual Currency

Today, GetJar announced its virtual currency program for Android apps. GetJar’s virtual currency is based on the existing GetJar Gold program, which enables users to download specific premium apps for free. This is how the GetJar virtual currency works: A user who downloads a non-sponsored Android app can earn perhaps 5 coins and for a sponsored […]

The Amazon Appstore: Show Me the Money

It is our pleasure to release our latest Distimo Publication. This report offers an extensive analysis about two important stores for the Android platform: the Google Android Market and the Amazon Appstore. This report dives into the number of apps and the growth in available applications in the store. We also analyze differences in pricing and […]

Windows Phone 7 Marketplace Overtakes BlackBerry App World in Terms of Available Applications

Last weekend, Windows Phone 7 Marketplace surpassed the 60K active applications milestone worldwide. Main contributor to this fact is the strong growth of new applications in January, where around 3000 new applications were added per week.  Another notable fact is that Windows Phone 7 Marketplace overtook BlackBerry App World in terms of available applications globally. […]