Quora Answering Series: Download Volume Needed To Hit The Top Charts

We noticed that many developers turn to Quora to validate mobile business plans, estimate market sizes or plan promotions more efficiently. At Distimo we gather a lot of data that is relevant to those developers. Therefore we decided to start tracking Quora and answer those questions for which we have data that we can share. This post is the first in the series and details what number of downloads an application needs to hit the top charts on a typical day.

We hope to answer the following questions on Quora:

Of course the number of downloads required to enter the top overall 10, 25 or 50 differs per country. However, there are also differences per day. Therefore in this post we will start with data from the 10 largest iPhone countries in terms of free downloads and conclude with the distribution of downloads per weekday. Please note that all numbers in this post are based on November 2011 data.

The 10 largest countries in terms of download volume among the top 300 most popular free applications in the Apple App Store for iPhone are; Australia, Canada, China, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, South Korea, United Kingdom and United States. Those are represented in the worldmap below. When hovering over one of those countries, the average daily volume you would need to enter the top 10, 25 and 50 in that country will appear below the world-map. Moreover, the gradient in the worldmap indicates the relative volume in the top 300 free, compared to the other countries.

Of all downloads in the top 300 most popular free applications in a typical week, we see that aggregated over the 10 countries the daily proportions are as follows; Monday (14%), Tuesday (13%), Wednesday (13%), Thursday (13%), Friday (14%), Saturday (16%), Sunday (17%). Hence to get into the top requires less downloads on a weekday compared to the weekend days.

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This was our first post in this series. Please let us know (@distimo / @gert_jan) if there are other interesting (unanswered) questions on Quora that could be answered with our data.

Gert Jan Spriensma