Global Differences In Content Distribution

It is our pleasure to release our latest Distimo Publication.

This month’s publication focuses on the global differences in mobile app stores including content localization (local apps that are only published in one country) and differentiated user preferences around the world. In this publication, the importance of localized content will be analyzed across the major mobile app stores.

The major findings are:
  • Consumers around the world have very different preferences for apps. Globally, an average of 27% of the most popular applications are popular exclusively in one country in the Apple App Store for iPhone.
  • The Nokia Ovi Store has by far the highest proportion of applications published in just one country (29.4%), however the proportion of applications that is popular in just one country is not very different from the other stores.
  • Google Android Market has a higher proportion of content that is uniquely available in one country than the Apple App Store for iPad: 4.9% vs. 3.4%.
  • The United States is the country with the most exclusively published apps: the total number of applications published in the Apple App Store for iPhone in the United States alone is 7,158.
  • The most popular applications in the United States are highly similar to other countries: only 19% of the most popular apps in the Apple App Store in the US are popular in the US only.
  • Content differentiation is most important in Asia: 67% of the most popular applications in Japan are popular in that country only in the Apple App Store for iPhone. The same rings true in China where 56% of the most popular applications in the Apple App Store for iPhone are popular only in that country.
  • Aside from the proportion of locally popular apps per country, there are also blocks of countries that share a high number of overlapping top applications. These blocks are within the same region or share the same primary language in most cases. One of these blocks consists of the US, UK, Australia and Canada. These countries have an average overlap of top applications of 54%, compared to a storewide average of only 33%.

You can now download this publication.

The press kit including all image files is also available.

Hendrik Koekkoek