What Words (Not) To Use In Your Application Name

Your application name should be unique as search engines, both in store as on the web, are an important traffic driver. Or you take the opposite approach and take advantage of popular (high traffic) keywords in the app stores. Therefore, here at Distimo, we dove into the data in order to give more insight into words to avoid. We assessed each individual word used in application names across all major stores and logically found words like ‘the’, ‘of’, ‘by’ and ‘for’ to be the most popular. However when looking beyond these obvious hits, some nice observations can be made.

For example words like wallpaper, live, news, theme, mobile, clock, travel, sexy and world are used in more than 1% of all application names in the Apple App Store for iPhone & iPad, Apple Mac App Store, BlackBerry App World, Google Android Market, Nokia Ovi Store and Windows Phone 7 Marketplace.

The list is too exhaustive (422,682 records) to discuss in detail here, so we provide the first 25 relevant results.

wallpaper live guide news theme
ebook clock travel app sexy
game world dictionary map calculator
radio love girls widget english
hot puzzle football pocket city

For example ‘Angry’, occurred more than 500 times in our results and we thought it would be interesting to see the uptake in the usage of this word over time. Angry Birds has been released in December 2009, so in the graph below the relative growth of the occurrence of ‘Angry’ or ‘Birds’ in applications in the Apple App Store (iPhone and iPad) is displayed over time. While the Apple App Store grew about 250% in this time span, the occurrence of the word ‘Angry’ increased from 14 to 303 times (20x). For ‘Birds’, which is a more common term, the usage in application names more than quadrupled from 65 to 365. Note that the absolute growth in ‘Angry’ and ‘Birds’ was about 300 for both words.

Uptake 'Angry' and 'Birds' in Apple App Store

Gert Jan Spriensma