No More New Apps In Windows 6.5 Marketplace From July 15

Microsoft has announced that 15 July 2011, developers will no longer be able to submit new apps to its Windows Marketplace for Mobile, its store for products targeting Windows Mobile 6.5 devices:

While apps will still be available for sale, it will not be possible to modify prices, metadata or other information, and apps can only be removed from the market by contacting the support team. While sales and download reports will also still be available, and developer payments will be made as normal, Microsoft said that “additional information regarding the scaling back of our investment in the Windows Marketplace for Mobile will be shared over the coming months as plans become finalized.” via Mobile Apps Briefing

Windows Marketplace for Mobile currently offers 2,364 applications, by 735 publishers (April 2011 data). During the last months, we have seen very little activity regarding new applications and developers in this store. This is a logical consequence of the Windows Phone 7 launch and big efforts Microsoft is putting behind this new platform.

The app store for the new platform, Windows Phone 7 Marketplace is growing at a rapid pace (38% content increase during April 2011 US) and offers 11,731 applications (April 2011 US). This is close to five times more content within seven months, compared to the Windows 6.5 Marketplace which has been around since October 2009.

At its current growth rate, the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace will be larger than the Nokia Ovi Store and BlackBerry App World before the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace has even been available for a full year.

Vincent Hoogsteder