Google Lets Manufacurers And Carriers Promote Own Content In Android Market

Since yesterday, Sony Ericsson is offering their own section of promoted applications within Android Market to their device users worldwide. The menu spot that normally is reserved for “My Apps” in the Android Market is replaced with a Sony Ericsson section. Currently the manufacturer is promoting applications developed by themselves. It is expected that Google will enable this feature for other selected manufacturers and carriers.

Sony Ericsson section in Android Market

Sony Ericsson states that the goals of their own app listing are:

- Provide recommendations to help you find the best games & apps that enhance your Sony Ericsson ‘most entertaining’ experience.
- Provide a way to easily find original apps from Sony Ericsson such as Timescape plugins etc.
- From time to time offer exclusive games & apps only available in this channel.
- Help our developer partners promote their apps & games giving them a highlighted market space to our consumers.
- This will give us a unique opportunity to more easily help consumers finding the stuff that we often get asked about or things that we know really enhances the user experience of our phones.

The current promoted apps of Sony Ericsson are also available in the regular Android Market. However, the most interesting point from this list is “From time to time offer exclusive games & apps only available in this channel”. So do we have a revival of the manufacturer/carrier portal within Android Market here? It might be, since apps have proven to be a differentiator for device manufacturers especially. It is not clear how these manufacturer specific apps will be managed in the Android Market developer console, if it will affect revenue sharing and if there is legal hassle for developers to get in.

It will be very interesting to see which content Sony Ericsson will promote exclusively here and which other parties will jump in. We will keep you posted.

Vincent Hoogsteder