Local Currency Boost Download Volumes in Chinese Apple App Store

After the introduction of the official Chinese currency, the Yuan (CNY), in the Apple App Store, the download volumes in the Apple App Store China have grown significantly. The download volume of paid applications in the Chinese top 100 has almost doubled after the 18th of November, the day Apple introduced the Yuan. The growth […]

Android OS Fragmentation: Gingerbread Rising To 44.4% – Overtaking Froyo

Google regularly releases a chart concerning the distribution of Android platforms amongst active devices. According to the newest chart, which came out last week, Gingerbread has overtaken Froyo in terms of market share. The histotical distribution clearly shows the very steady increase of Gingerbread (2.3) throughout the past 6 months, and at the same time […]

New Application Store in India, Egypt and South Africa by Vodafone

The partnership between Vodafone and Appia resulted this week in the establishment of a new application store in India, Egypt and South Africa. The new store names Vodafone Mobile Application Store and serves over 145 million subscribers. More than 10,000 free and paid applications will be included in this store for major mobile operating systems such as […]