Sony Brings PlayStation Game Store To Android

Sony just announced the upcoming launch of PlayStation Suite. This is an official PlayStation store, that will offer games for Android powered phones and tablets: Sony’s starting with an emulator for existing PSOne titles and is promising an Android game store later this year, but soon it might be much, much more: the company’s calling […]

RIM To Enter The In-app Payments Heaven?

RIM, following Apple who introduced in-app purchases 1.5 year ago, introduced a Payment Service SDK to enable in-app payments. As we showed in our latest report, in the Apple App Store for iPhone in the United States, almost 50% of the revenue of the top grossing applications was generated by applications carrying in-app purchases. For developers this […]

Distimo Monitor: BlackBerry App World Scheduled Reports Are Back

BlackBerry App World scheduled reports are back! At this moment we are receiving e-mail notifications on successfully generated scheduled reports. This means Distimo Monitor is now importing data from your BlackBerry Vendor Portal again! Note: For now this is only supported with App World Report Generate/View accounts you created with credentials we specified for you in […]

Distimo Monitor Adds Support for Google Android Market Reviews

We just released a new version of Distimo Monitor, our free appstore analytics tool for application publishers. We would like to share the most important new features and updates with you! Google Android Market Reviews There’s a new reviews page! Here you are able to filter your app reviews per app, ratings and timespan. You can […]

Distimo Releases Full Year 2010 Report

Update: The number of applications available in each store was counted in the United States. The report was updated accordingly. It is our pleasure to release our latest Distimo Report. This report covers the Apple App Store for iPad, the Apple App Store for iPhone, BlackBerry App World, Google Android Market, Nokia Ovi Store, Palm […]

Mac App Store Opens With 1,604 Apps – Games, Utilities and Productivity Rule

Today, the Mac App Store opened its doors for customers. The Mac App Store should give Mac owners a convenient way of installing applications onto their computers. Physically the Mac App Store looks very similar to the App Store for iPad and iPhone. The similarity of the App Stores however are more than just the […]

Amazon Opens Their Android Store For Developers

Amazon just launched the developer portal for their Android application store, enabling developers to already submit their applications for when the store launches in the US ‘later this year’. Interestingly, as TechCrunch reports, Amazon is taking an approach that is in line with Apple’s, not Google’s. Developers who wish to appear on Amazon’s store have […]

Java App Store discontinued by Sun/Oracle?

When visiting the Java App Store we came across the rather disconcerting message that it is “no longer available”: Sun/Oracle had planned a store for developers that would rival all others, and it had seemed rather promising when first launched. However, it seems as though the Java App Store has been shut down. We have […]