Apple Rolls Out ‘iAd For Developers’


Apple already rolled out the iAd Network that enables advertisers to ‘put their brand into the hands of consumers’. Now, Apple also rolled out iAds for Developers, enabling developers to promote their applications in other apps. This is similar to Flurry’s AppCircle initiative, which Flurry calls a ‘cross-selling solution’ for mobile applications.

According to Business Insider, Apple currently charges 25 cents per click for iAd for Developers. As they note, this is cheaper than Apple’s iAd for brand advertisers program: 1 cent per impression and $2 per click. Apple however does not only profit from iAd’s for Developers 25 cents per click, but also the -hopefully- increasing download and revenue figures of the Apple App Store in its entirety.

According to Apple’s iAd for Developers FAQ, competitors ads can be excluded from advertising in your own app, based on keywords, URLs and app ID’s. Apple will then choose the ads they think are most relevant; there is no option to choose specific applications you would like to be promoted.

via: Mobile Entertainment

Remco van den Elzen