Distimo Monitor: iPad and Google Android Market Support

It is our pleasure to announce the release of our new version of Distimo Monitor, which now has full Google Android Market and Apple iPad support. The most important new features of this update are:

iPad Support

Last month Apple released their iPad and developers are now able to publish apps for this device. In this release of Monitor we offer all functionality that was already available for iPhone applications, but now also for iPad apps!

As of now, Distimo Monitor distinguishes between iPhone and iPad rankings. iPad rankings are displayed as an icon that shows the back of an iPad.

Google Android Market: Downloads & Revenue

Distimo Monitor is the first analytics tool that provides detailed insights in your Google Android Market download & revenue figures. Monitor now offers stand-alone support for Google Android Market; also available if you do not have applications in other stores. Monitor now automatically imports your Android download data and calculates the downloads & revenue per day.

Improved Filter Bar

As a developer, you want to quickly find the information you are looking for. That’s why we redesigned our filter bar. The new filter bar now lets you easily find the application you are looking for by entering a part of its name in the search field.

Additionally, the new filter bar lets you sort the applications or countries based on either the name or number of downloads, enabling you to quickly analyze the applications that are performing well.

Chart Exports

You can now export any chart from Distimo Monitor as an image. After exporting you can use this image for your internal or external communication.

We hope you will find this new Monitor version useful!

If you have an application for iPhone, iPad or Android, start using the free Distimo Monitor now on: http://monitor.distimo.com

Vincent Hoogsteder