Distimo Response On New Apple iPhone Developer Agreement

There’s been a lot of commotion in the news around the latest version of Apple’s iPhone Developer Program License Agreement. Yesterday, we talked to Paul Boutin from VentureBeat regarding the question whether Apple is changing the rules on iPhone app analytics.

This discussion started because of a new section in the developer agreement that would concern device data and user data, limiting third parties to collect and process such data.

Distimo offers analytics to developers without the need to insert any code into their application(s). Furthermore, our Distimo Monitor service does not rely on a third party API as outlined in the new iPhone developer agreement and does not collect, send or process any Device Data or User Data from the developer’s application. In short, Distimo is not impacted by the new terms for Apple’s iPhone Developer Program License Agreement.

We do hope however, that Apple will not ban analytics parties that in fact work with an API. There is a strong market demand among developers for high quality analytics on their application’s performance. We believe analytics services help developers improve the quality of their apps, and are therefore valuable to parties like Apple too.

Since we are not impacted by the new terms, the Distimo Monitor service will remain available for iPhone or Android developers that want to track the performance of their own and competing applications. More info on Distimo Monitor is available here.

Vincent Hoogsteder, co-founder and CEO Distimo

Vincent Hoogsteder