Samsung Terminates Symbian Support In Samsung App Store Tomorrow

Last October, Samsung announced that it would not be continuing support for Symbian applications in its store in 2011. Samsung is sticking to this deadline and just sent out an email to all Samsung Mobile Innovator members that tells us that Symbian support will indeed be terminated tomorrow: The Samsung Apps Store currently offers 4,306 applications […]

Android Market Adds Carrier Billing For AT&T and 11 More Categories

Google has been rapidly adding new updates to the Android Market during the last months: In September, the number of countries with support for paid applications was extended, as well as the number of countries from which developers are allowed to sell paid apps. In October, localized pricing was added, enabling consumers to view application […]

Nokia Ovi Store Reaches 3.5M Downloads Per Day

Nokia released new statistics for Ovi Store, as of 13 December 2010. Over the past few months the Nokia Ovi Store has grown significantly: The number of content downloads have increased from 3.0M to 3.5M per day Now 92 publishers/developers have passed the  1 million download mark in Ovi Store The active users represent more than […]

Android Market Update: Featured Apps, New Categories, Shorter Refunds, Targeting

Google announced a significant update to the Android Market, which will be rolled out to all Android 1.6 and higher devices over the next two weeks. Here are the most important new features: 1) Featured application carrousel. Applications that are featured by Google will be displayed in a new section on top of the Android Market. 2) […]

Android 2.2 Now On 43.4% of Android Devices

Google provides information on the relative number of active devices running a given version of the Android platform, which helps developers prioritizing development of their applications. They just updated this website: 43.4% of Android devices that have accessed Android Market within a 14-day period ending on December 1, 2010 now run Android 2.2: Google also […]